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The fantasy art of Anne Stokes is now recognised throughout the world. Her amazing life like designs cover a broad range of subjects, but she is best known for strong female characters and her portrayal of dragons. The symbolism behind the art gives her pictures powerful meaning, as they become as vessel to convey a sentiment or feeling.

We hope you enjoy looking through the many images on this web site and learning more about the unique creativity that Anne has brought to the fantasy genre.

Enjoy the darkness in gothic style, but also there is uplifting light

Anne’s artworks have been licensed under the brand name of Anne Stokes Collection on a huge variety of products by many companies worldwide. Some of these include posters, calendars, T-shirts, sculptures, bedding, jewellery, card decks, Back to School ranges, computer products and more. Anne works with renowned licensing agency Art Ask.

There are many shops and online stores which stock products featuring Anne’s art, click on our SHOPS section to find out more.


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